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christmas show 2018

                                                              THIS IS YOUR RIDICULOUS LIFE                                                            DECEMBER 14TH

Our Christmas Show this year will be based on the audiences funny tales or horror stories of Family Christmas, which will be played out with comic twists. We never force audience participation but if you have a toe to tell, feel free to come and share your story.  They’ll also be some other seasonal scenes based on popular impro games. As if the show isn’t enough to tempt you there will also be press show and interval mulled wine and mince pies. We make make no further promises of what might emerge out of the evening after all “It’s all made up” but we do promise you an entertaining night out.

                   King Charles Church Hall, 3 Warrick Park Road, Tunbridge Wells, TN2 5TA                       Show starts at 7.30pm Tickets are £8 is you reserve them or £10 on the door

Reserve your ticket by sending your name Email or telephone and number of tickets and will reserve them and keep them on the door for collection. Click Here or below


17th March 2018


With Louise Jameson

Ad Hoc Around the Clock brought some new devised games into the set on the theme of film and theatre, including improvised Shakespeare, Temperamental Director and Actor’s Nightmare.  The second half featured our celebrity guest Louise Jameson, best known for her TV appearences in Dr Who, Bergerac, Tenko, East Enders, and Doc Martin. Louise took part as a guest on a chat show and her private and public life was inerpreted by the improvisors. It proved to be  a great evening.
We had a full house and the show raised a thousand pounds for Rusthall Common residents who are having to defend their their free right of access to their homes. A really receptive audience, started with them passing a giant ball over their heads and enthusiastically shouting out suggested words for conducted story when the music stopped. It was an evening of ‘discovery’ in that it really felt like a community event, partly the fund raising mission, a local audience and regular audience members but also because that the subject of the show had local relevance and references and we were generally more interactive with the audience. I would like more of our shows generally you have this ‘community feel. This was a real shared experience.

Sept 16th 2017

TIGHTROPE at Rusthall Festival

Tightrope was our offering for the Rusthall Arts Festival weekend. It was the beginning of a new era as the Claqueur Impro Team begins performing shows both collectively and in specialist groups. The first half of Tightrope featured the Armando Group of Scott, John, Chris and Dan doing  a improvisation form that generates comedy. The audience was asked for a single word suggestion to inspire the monologist who shared ideas, real memories and stories based on the word. It was then left to the players to riff ideas around the monologue and create a series of short sketches.
The second half featured the full company playing improvisation games based on audience suggestions. Games include Split Scene when two stories are created side by side, Conducted story with its fast swapping of story tellers developing a single story and Dumb show – a kind of chinese whispers in pantomime form. Two players leave the hall, and a second pair, observed by a third pair perform a physical scene based on an audience suggestion. The pair from outside return to watch a pantomime version of the original scene, finally the last pair have to repeat the scene putting the words back. Lots of misunderstand and very funny.
We had a good house, and are building a good regular core of supporters. We now have thirteen players, which feels like the maximum. Hopefully we will attract new people to join our workshops so it’s time now that we start performing in smaller groups too. This will give the players greater opportunity to play the styles they feel most comfortable with. They are a generous crew and lovely to watch and to work with.