Keith Johnstone Reunion with members of theatre Machine (seated) at the Royal Court. Jon Oram (standing left) Keith Johnstone (Seated Centre) & Roddy Maude Roxby (seated right)


In 2019 we produced Legends of the Rocks – The Heroes Journey, a culmination of six months of research, devising workshops,  rehearsals, costume and prop making. Following the performances on Toad Rock we committed  ourselves to a second Festival in 2021.Well here we are, and we are pleased to announce that Claque Theatre have been awarded an Arts Council grant for a second play.

At the end of the play last year we had a really positive ‘Sounding’ to find out what people wanted to do next. The thoughts and ideas everyone proposed informed the application to the Arts Council and contributed to its success. No-one needs to be told just how much the world has changed since 2019 and how things are likely to remain uncertain for some time yet. This sets us the challenge to create a flexible programme to produce a performance and associated events that can work within whatever changing restrictions that might be imposed on us. Things being as they are we feel both the importance and determination to create an event that celebrates life and our community. It’s more appropriate now than ever that we have an opportunity to work collaboratively as a community to create something amazing and surprise ourselves. We cannot surprise ourselves of course if we know exactly what kind of show we will be making together, so as Improvisors let’s embrace the uncertainty and discover moment by moment the performance of great stories together. Step one is for you is to join us on January 14th for a conversation about the route of our adventure along a happier highway.

Click the link below for more  information about Devising and performing Happy Highways.

all workshops are presently on line

 MONDAY BEGINNERS WORKSHOP 7.30pm – 9pm This Beginners Group are learning he basic principles of improvisation. Some of the group dont wish to perform but get benefit and enjoyment from developing, some are looking to advance to performance level.

TUESDAY PERFORMERS WORKSHOP 7.30pm -9pm    Advanced performance level. This group prepare improvised  Long Form and Comic Impro . Due to Covid performances are on hold 

MONDAYS & THURSDAYS  PLAY IN THE MOMENT 2pm -3.30pm   Developing 40min to one hour performances of improvised plays

ONE TO ONE Jon Oram will occasionally offer One to one teaching. If you have improvisation experience and want to practice your skills or are a novice and want to try out on a one to one basis before joining a group, or if you are a beginner and want to advance faster. Contact us and we can discuss a programme for you.

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