Stories of the hidden faces in the rocks


Legend of the Rocks will be a highly visual piece of theatre about Toad Rock in 2019. It will be a devised part written, part improvised play. Throughout this year there will be a variety of activities all designed to get the community involved in finding and creating the play; these will include tours of the rocks, photographic search for faces and creatures; and mask making. There will also be creative devising and improvisation workshops.
Jon Oram, who will be leading the project, is artistic director of Claque Theatre, and the countries leading exponent of community plays. He is well established in the south east. Locally he has written and directed plays in Aylesham, Isle of Sheppey, Maidstone, Tonbridge, Groombridge and Withyham, Tunbridge Wells, East Grinstead and Hartfield. He has directed almost 40 plays across England, Canada, United States and Europe. This is his first home grown play. Do get involved. Let’s make something magical.

Scenes from Claque Community Plays across Kent and Sussex

Searching for the lost faces

You can find these faces and many more  hidden around Toad Rock, Bulls Hollow and Happy Valley. Search for them and come back with their stories. You may see heroes or villains, kind faces or monsters; but take care of them all because some may be our protectors looking over us.   Who are they? how did the get trapped in stone? Some  faces are weathered and faded, some have lost an eye or the mouth has become twisted, but use your imagination and you will see them, expect the unexpected and you will find them. They are waiting to be found