“The Social face you put on is performance- we all do it, we can all act”

Our Workshops

Weekly Performance Impro

This is a regular weekly workshop of the Claqueur Theatre Performance group. They work on established performance games, long form improvisation formats and develop their performance skills. They also work on any new shows coming up. People are invited into the performances when they reach performance level in some aspect of impro.

Monday Evenings 7.30pm – 9.30pm at The Rusthall , St Paul’s Street, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells.

Claqueur Club Nights

Claqueur Club nights, every last Tuesday of the month. Various combinations of players from Claqueur will present shows of different styles and format. Each evening start with a very short description of the work; the shows will be about 45 minutes followed by feedback and a  discussion the audience. These evenings aim to help us better understand and gauge what audiences want. We hope they are also informative, and if you are interested in performing improvisation yourself  it’s a useful way of getting to know a little more how it all works, or in some cases doesn’t.  All shows are Free

Full Day Impro Workshop for Beginners Saturday November 24th.