Impro Beginners and Performers Workshops

Jon Oram leads regular Monday night beginners and intermediate impro workshops, and advanced performance  practice every Tuesday. Since the start March, due to the pandemic we are running these live on line . As soon as it’s safe to do so we will be back at our usual venue, The Rusthall, 5 St Pauls Street, Rusthall, Tunbridge Wells

Claqueur Impro in Performances

We are looking forward to being back to performing more regularly  in 2021. During the pandemic the performing group have been developing Chairs and  Play in the Moment. Both styles are dependent on ‘playing in the moment’.  We are also hoping to reconnect with our European Impro friends . You can take  a Claqueur Improviser of Europe but you cannot take the European out of a Claqueur Improviser. 

Multi Workshops and Events in Performance, Mask, Mime

Our hope is that at some point this year  we will be able to resume live occasional workshops not only involving improvisation but other specialist skills such as mask, mime, acting; and events such as devised plays, Mystery House performances.

Happy Highways Legend of the Rocks II

In 2019 Claque produced their first fully devised a community play. They are now working on a second, involving a greater reliance in improvisation.  Go to the blog page to read about their previous project The Heroes Journey and follow their journey along The Happy Highway starting soon